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About CKE


Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? You’ll certainly find one here.
Do we work hard? Sure, because everyone here wants to help the company grow.
Are you always looking for something new to learn? If yes, you’ll fit right in.

From the top of our organization on down, our employees take pride in doing their jobs well. You’ll find there are opportunities to do well everywhere you look. For instance, if you have experience or interest in property management or acquisition, take a look at our real estate department. If you have a talent for developing new products, you might find a rewarding career in our marketing department. Or if you have expertise in computer technology or programming, our IT department may be the best fit for you. For a full list of our positions, review our Career Choices page.

What’s it like working at the company offices of CKE, Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s? Here’s a small sampling of what some of our employees say:

“There are moments in all of our lives which cause us to reflect upon our past. For me that moment was the day I left home (Gambia, West Africa) to pursue the ‘American Dream.’ Indeed, I am living the American dream with the help of Carl’s Jr.

I began my career with Carl’s Jr. as a Crew Person, cleaning the dining room and serving guests. I loved the job and loved the people I worked with and it was truly a great atmosphere. Most importantly, with this job, I was able to pay the bills and managed to pay my college tuition and sent a few dollars back home to help my parents. I worked very hard and I was dedicated to the job and with the hard work and patience, I was promoted to a Shift Supervisor. After earning my Associate degree, I transferred to the Anaheim Distribution Center as a Customer Service Representative where I processed food orders for the stores and generated invoices. After earning a degree in Managerial Accounting, I was promoted to a Restaurant Auditor and, after a few years, I was promoted to an Internal Auditor and was part of the audit team that implemented departmental controls throughout the organization.

Today, I am the Manager for the IT Purchasing/Asset Management department that oversees procurements of IT assets for the entire company. I loved it when I worked as a Crew Person in the stores and I am sure loving it now as a Manager. This is truly an Equal Opportunity company.”

“I started at Carl’s Jr. working a couple of hours a day while I was in High School. I was planing on being a pilot and got a job offer but the company went bankrupt before I started. I stayed with Carl’s Jr. and became a Regional Trainer and then a General Manager. I was then transferred into Payroll. After being promoted to Payroll Supervisor I was offered a position as Franchise Accounting Supervisor. The more you learn the better you are and the more opportunity you have for advancement. CKE is a great place to learn and grow.”